Why is everyone saying that my life is ruined?


Let’s think about that.  Here you are, not even 21 years old, and you’re pregnant again – you have a family.  Society is telling you to abort because you’re too young – you are having too many children too soon.  So what’s society’s answer to how families should be planned?  They tell you to –

  • Go to college, then
  • Get a good job
  • Work that job
  • Climb that ladder, then, sometime later in your 30’s you can start thinking about having a family.

So what does today’s woman of society do?  She goes to college and gets a good job and works her way up, and when she’s nearly 40 she starts thinking that it’s probably time to have a child because her “clock is ticking.”  So, if she hasn’t waited too long already, she gets pregnant – sometimes with the assistance of repeated and costly infertility procedures – and now she finds herself with a huge problem:  What is she going to do with this baby?  She’s waited so long to have a child at the right time, and suddenly the time isn’t looking so “right” after all!  Now she has to decide whether to –

  • Put her child in daycare and
  • Pay to have someone else raise her, or
  • Quit her job or
  • Work part-time.

Has she spent all that money on education and worked so hard at her job just to give it up?  She’s not happy thinking about doing that.  But she’s not happy thinking about never having children.  And she’s not happy about being unable to raise her own children.  All of a sudden she’s realizing that she can’t have it all.

Finally, she’s confronted with a final dilemma:  She is grieving the reality that she may never have more than this one child.

You won’t have that problem.

  • You are having your family first, at a young age.
    • You’re having your children when your body is best able to bear children. (Did you know the best age to have children is 19?)
    • Society’s woman is having her baby in her mid-to-upper 30’s, when her fertility is already on a decline. (The decline starts at age 27)
    • Society’s woman has more risk of problems for herself and her baby.
    • And she doesn’t have the energy you have

By the time both of your children are in school full-time, you’ll first be approaching your mid-20’s!  Now you can take that training or sign up for those courses.  You can get a good job.  You’ve already raised your little ones to school age.  Suddenly you have 8 hours every day to devote to improving your own life – and your family’s!

Go ahead and be a young mother.  Have a young family.  You’ve been a good mother and have made mature decisions to protect your first baby.  Now protect this one too!  She’s just as precious as your first child.  She’s just as irreplaceable.  Welcome this little one into the love and protection of your family!