What will people think of me if I decide to have this baby?


You are your own person.

• What is in your best interest?
• You deserve to handle the challenges before you and develop a plan for your future.
• You need time to make this decision.
• You are in control of your life.
• Are you ready to take charge and move forward?How do you make decisions in your life? Do you:
• Take into account the opinions and reactions of others?
• Do you feel safe to make a decision without fear?
• This decision is yours alone.
• Do you feel pressured or intimidated?
• Can you project how this decision will affect your future 5 or 10 years from now?
• Can you make a decision without the approval of others?
• Can you be your own person and follow your inner voice?
• Is this a decision you can live with?There will always be people who will judge others.

• People in your life who may express criticism initially need time to process your decision.
• Family may be supportive in time when they see your commitment.
• Is it appropriate to consider the opinions of others above what is healthy and positive for your future?
• Can you accept that others may disagree with your decisions?
• When you show your character by walking through a crisis instead of running away from it, they will respect your determination.
• You will earn the respect of others by living your life in an honest way consistent with your values, not because you need their approval. You are your own person worthy of respect.
• By following your conscience and your inner voice you will earn self-respect.
• How you handle challenges makes you stronger.
• You are in control of your life. Stand firm, move forward, respect yourself, and others will too.
• Move forward. Don’t look back!

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