What kinds of adoption are there?


As a birth parent, you have many choices while developing an adoption plan:

  • Open adoption
  • Semi open adoption
  • Closed or confidential adoption

Adoption agencies:

  • Screen and approve couples for adoption.
  • Will work with you to select a loving family that reflects your values and can offer the stability, love, and support your baby needs.
  • Will arrange meetings with couples and select the couple you prefer.

Birth mothers can choose:

  • An open adoption plan that allows on-going visits.
  • A less open plan that provides periodic progress reports via letters and pictures.
  • A confidential adoption plan that protects your privacy and confidentiality.

Adoption agencies encourage:

  • Full disclosure regarding medical and social history.
  • Recognizing the rights of both the birth mother and birth father.

Adoption agencies can help you:

  • Develop an adoption plan.
  • Proceed with the termination of parental rights for both parents.
  • Handle all legal fees and services for both birth parents.
    • You do not need your own attorney.
    • There is no charge for the services provided.

Children who have joined their families by adoption grow up knowing that they are deeply loved by their family….by the parents who adopted them….and by their birth parents who gave them life.


Where can I go for help if I want to learn more?

Answer:  You can use a smart phone or computer to:

  • Visit bethany.org.
  • For state and federal laws and practices go to:
    child welfare.gov/topics/adoption/laws.
  • More adoption information can be found at the link below. When visiting the site below, click on “Pregnant?”