Isn’t the welfare of my other kids an important factor in making a decision to have an abortion?


Yes, the welfare of your kids is a pivotal factor when making an abortion decision.  But you may be surprised to learn why that is true.

Sometimes a woman who already has children will say that one of the reasons she needs to have an abortion is for the sake of those children.  She believes that her other children will benefit from the abortion – that her family will be “better off” if she has one.

The exact opposite is true.  There is a direct association between abortion and child abuse.  There are several reasons for this:

  • Many women view their abortions as “forced.” They were under pressure from someone else, or a circumstance in their life forced them to have the abortion.  After the abortion, they experienced
    • Lower levels of pleasure
    • A lack of attachment to their children
    • Unresolved grief

These feelings can trigger anger, which is a common component of grief.  This misunderstood and misplaced anger increases the likelihood of child abuse.

  • A woman may be experiencing guilt because of moral or religious conflicts that were unresolved while making her decision to abort.
    • Perhaps no one talked to her about what her church taught about abortion.
    • She may not have been in touch with her God and his guidance or blessing in working through her options and plans.
    • She may not have been counseled to explore her own feelings of right and wrong in deciding to abort or not.
    • Now her self-image has become tarnished. This increases the likelihood of having a negative parenting attitude and can result in abusive behavior or child neglect.
  • Finally, there is a greater risk for mental health problems following an abortion. Women often experience anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.  All of these heighten the risk of child abuse – especially substance abuse.

No woman is doing her other children a favor by having an abortion.  Instead, she is taking the risk that all of her children will suffer because of it – in ways she never dreamt possible.  Abortion works like a dangerous infection in the family, spreading from the mother to everyone important in her life.

If you called a family meeting, with your children sitting in a circle at your feet, do you think they would understand your plan to have their baby sister or brother put to death to make their lives easier?  You know them well:  Take a minute to imagine what each one of them would say to you about that plan.