Am I pregnant?


Answering these questions may help you to know whether it’s time to get a pregnancy test:

● Is your period late?
● Is your period lighter and shorter than usual?
● Have you been feeling more tired than usual – for no obvious reason?
● Are your breasts “tender?”
● Has your stomach been feeling “queasy” for at least a part of every day or night?
● Have you noticed that you’re feeling more “wired,” impatient, or emotional than usual?
● Are you suddenly sensitive to certain smells or foods that never bothered you before?
● Do you ever feel “light-headed” or a little dizzy?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one of these questions, it would be a good idea to be tested for pregnancy. They are sold at any drugstore. Free tests are available at Pregnancy Help Centers. (Find a local one by searching the Yellow Pages under “Abortion Alternatives.”)

If you buy a pregnancy test, be sure to follow the directions carefully. Most important, don’t take the test sooner than the instructions indicate. (If you take the test too soon you could get a false negative reading and you’d have to take another test later.)

Part of you may resist finding out if you’re pregnant. It may seem that things will just be easier for now if you put off learning the truth. You may be so worried and hoping so hard that you’re not pregnant, that your anxiety and fear may cause you to deny the possibility of being pregnant. But your body is telling you that something’s “going on.” Something’s different.

One comforting option you have is to go to a Pregnancy Help Center. (Find a local one by searching the Yellow Pages under “Abortion Alternatives.”) Your visit will be kept confidential. Someone will be there to run the free test and talk with you about the results…..someone who doesn’t know you, but who talks to girls and women in your situation every week. It will take courage to find out for sure whether or not you’re pregnant, but it will be a comfort to have a caring person with you when you take that step.