Why don’t my parents want this baby?


Sometimes parents struggle to survive each day. Some parents haven’t had the benefits of good parental modeling themselves.

  • Perhaps they are angry at some of the choices you have made
  • Perhaps they think they can control your decision making
  • Perhaps addiction or mental health challenges prevent a parent from being able to express love to their child.
  • Sometimes the fear of not being able to support one more person in the home causes the parent to react vehemently in favor of abortion.
  • A parent can drive their child from the home by creating an environment of chaos, deprivation, and hostility.
  • Parents may fear you will not get an education
  • Parents may fear you will not pursue a career
  • College, tech school, and career training are all available to women who parent a child
  • Child care is readily available on college campuses today 

There is hope for you. 

  • You can leave knowing that you can provide a better life for you and your child.
  • Although you have not felt the unconditional love you deserve, you can provide that love to your child.
  • By contacting a Pregnancy Help Center in your area and asking for a referral for housing for pregnant women, you can start the process of change and growth.
  • https://www.optionline.org/get-help will help you connect with a local pregnancy help center for referrals

You deserve better! There are supports available to help you create your own positive living environment.  You can take charge of forging a new path and a better life for the family you create.