I’m afraid to tell my parents I’m pregnant.  I don’t want to leave home. What should I do?


Many parents threaten removal from home as a way of trying to control your decision-making.  They use this threat to pressure you into making an abortion decision.
  • After they see that threats are not working and they have time to work through their anger and disappointment, parents frequently have a change of heart.
  • Once they see the child you are carrying as their grandchild, they frequently become a great source of love and support.
  • Think of how your parents have expressed their love for you in the past.
    • Have they spoken of always standing by you and loving you unconditionally?
    • Remind them that you need them now, more than ever before.
    • Give them time to adjust and to deal with their anger/disappointment
    • They may eventually value their role in your life and the life of their grandchild.
  • Parents frequently see pregnancy as interrupting plans they have for their children.
  • They raised you to be a strong-minded individual capable of making your own decisions.
  • In time, they will see you as honorable, courageous, and worthy of respect.
  • They will be grateful for your independence and determination once they receive the love their grandchild.
  • They will be thankful for the joy a grandchild brings to their lives.
  • The qualities your parents taught you will surface, as you become a responsible, independent, caring parent.