How do I recover from the shock of hearing the baby’s father say that he doesn’t want the baby?


Learning that a baby has come into your life is shocking news for everyone…male and female alike.  It takes a while to “digest” this news.  His immediate reaction to the news that he is a father may not represent how he truly feels.  Give him some time and space.Consider that –

  • Males initially think about the practical implications about a pregnancy much more intensely than females. The financial responsibility he has for this child for the next 18 years may be overwhelming to him.
  • He might feel uncomfortable about maintaining a more serious relationship with you than he had before. Now a connection with you must always be maintained because you are the mother of his child.
  • Males don’t have the benefit of bonding as easily with their babies as females do. Females can see and feel things changing inside their bodies; males can’t.

The important thing to remember is that despite the discussion above, your baby is living right now.  Her life depends on you.  You don’t know if your baby’s father will “be in the picture” or not.  But your baby is already in the picture.  She needs your love and protection.  Your child’s worth is not determined by her father’s wanting or not wanting her.  She has her own worth.  Love her for all she’s worth!