How can I continue this pregnancy when my boyfriend said he’s leaving if I have this baby?


So the price of his staying is to end your child’s life?  Do you really think you’ll enjoy being with him when you remember the price you and your child had to pay for that privilege?

  • What happens if you get pregnant again in another six months or a year from now?
  • Having an abortion is hard on even the healthiest of relationships. There’s a very good chance that if you have the abortion, your relationship with your baby’s father won’t last.  Then he would be gone as well as your baby.  The only one left would be you, alone with your memories.

Why do you think relationships break up so often after an abortion?  From his point of view, he’s relieved that you were willing to go through with it.  He was rescued from his responsibilities.  But do you think

  • he’s proud of you for having an abortion?
  • he respects you because you’ll do anything to keep him?
  • he admires you for doing whatever he wants, no matter what it is?

And what about YOU?  Perhaps you’ll be the one to break up with him!

Why would you do that after you had an abortion to keep him?

  • Because a year or so after the abortion, the crisis of being pregnant will be long over.
  • The pressure he was giving you to abort will be gone.
  • You’ll have had time to look back on that abortion experience and everything that led up to it.

You’ll ask yourself –

  • Why didn’t he love me enough to love our baby too?
  • How could he have wanted me to go through what I did on that surgical table?
  • Why didn’t it matter to him that I was risking my health and my ability to have children for the rest of my life?
  • Why didn’t he protect his own baby from that horrific death?
  • Why wasn’t he willing to provide for my baby and me?
  • Why didn’t he give me the chance to work things out with him so that together we could have made plans for welcoming our baby home?
  • Why didn’t he care about a child that he and I created together in an act of (what I thought was) love?
  • What about him is there to be proud of? To respect?  To admire?

Do you think that having an abortion is going to be the glue that holds your relationship together?  It isn’t.  Having an abortion is the acid that will corrode it apart.