He said he’d pay for the abortion . . . how come I’m not relieved?


There could be a number of reasons.

  • He may feel that it’s the responsible thing to do.
  • He may feel it’s a generous thing to offer.
  • He’s acknowledging that he also bears some responsibility for the fact that you’re pregnant.
  • It’s his way of coming up with a solution to “the problem.”
  • This is how he wants to fix it.

Women who have had an abortion never talk about the money.  Isn’t that curious?  The cost seemed like such a big issue before the abortion took place.

  • They worried about the price,
  • Who was going to pay,
  • How much it would be,
  • Where they could find the least expensive clinic, and
  • How they were going to come up with the money.
  • There was stress and irritation and maybe even an argument.
  • Sometimes the abortion was even postponed because more time was needed to come up with the money.

Then why is the cost something that no one cares about afterwards?

People continually complain about how much other surgeries cost them – sometimes for years afterwards.

  • It’s because no one wants to talk about the abortion afterwards.
  • No one wants to think about it.
  • No one wants to remember it happened.
  • Even if people at the clinic were cold or rude you hear no complaints.
  • Even though long hours were spent at the clinic, there are no comments.
  • There is almost no discussion about what happened, because everyone is so relieved it’s over.
  • Everyone is so busy trying to “move on” and forget that day ever happened.

But they won’t forget…..not ever.

Abortion won’t fix anything, because nothing is broken.

Abortion isn’t a solution, because the baby isn’t the problem.

Your pregnancy is a symptom that there are other problems in your life – problems that have nothing at all to do with your baby.

Every person reading these words has a unique set of circumstances that needs sorting out and unraveling, so that it can be clearly seen why having an abortion could never be a “fix” or solution.

Please call our Helpline at 888-598-5491.  Let people who care about you help you work out a true solution – one that everyone can live with.