What are my rights?


You have the right:


    • To be presented clearly, and without bias, the three outcomes of pregnancy: birth, adoption, and abortion.
    • To choose your outcome without coercion, regardless of your age, marital status or any other factor. No one has the legal right to make you choose any of your three options.
    • To view the ultrasound (sonogram) monitor and ask questions about what you’re seeing. You are paying for it
    • To insist that an abortion procedure be performed by a licensed physician.
    • To know the medical malpractice history of any physician who performs abortions.
    • To know whether any doctor performing abortions has ever had his or her license to practice medicine suspended or revoked.
    • To know whether any doctor performing abortions has an insurance policy that will protect you in case you or your heirs are injured or killed during the procedure.
    • To know that if you are injured during an abortion you can you insist that you are to be immediately transferred by ambulance – not a staff member’s car – to the nearest emergency hospital or trauma center.
    • To name the father of your baby at birth and receive child support for your child.
    • To receive quality medical care for yourself and for your baby during pregnancy and after birth.
    • To change your mind about making any of your three options.
        ○ If you decide not to give birth, abortions are legal somewhere in the USA up until the day of full-term delivery.

○ If you decide not to go through with an adoption plan, your adoption counselor or lawyer will have explained to you at what point you may or may not opt out of that option.

○ If you decide not to have an abortion, the doctor must stop the procedure. The only time he or she cannot stop the procedure is once the suction cannula has been inserted into the uterus and the vacuum motor has been turned on. Even if Laminaria has been inserted in your cervix, or you have swallowed the abortion pill (RU486; Mifepristone) a qualified healthcare provider can reverse their effects if an appointment is made immediately. (Contact a local Pregnancy Help Center for a physician referral.) If you decide not to have an abortion, the doctor must stop the procedure.

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