I was raped. What will my friends say if I keep this baby?


What will people think of you if you keep your baby?  Such words as caring, compassionate, generous, courageous, selfless, even heroic, are all expressions that would correctly describe YOU!  Hopefully, if your friends are very wise, they will think “What an awesome, unselfish, loving woman you are!”

You love your baby and want to give your innocent baby the gift of life.  YOU have a wonderful, generous, loving heart!  Your baby is very blessed to have YOU for her mother.

Do not let fears of what other people think keep you from doing what you know in your heart is right.  Real friends are supportive in times of difficulty, as well as during the good times.  Other “friends” may have opinions about you, but their views do not have any worth, because their caring for you is not genuine.  This world can be so violent and cruel.  This world needs more courageous, selfless Moms, just like you, who love and protect their innocent babies.

So don’t allow fear about what other people think of you to ever guide your decisions.  YOU have a great moral compass — follow it!  Teach it to your friends!  You have found a great truth — that real joy in life is not the absence of pain or hardship — it is the absence of fear and regret.