Are abortion clinics safe?


It’s impossible to accurately answer if all of the abortion clinics are safe because many are not regulated or inspected.

  • Many clinics have been found in violation of safe medical practices.
  • It’s likely there are many more clinics in violation of safe practices and we simply don’t know about them. (Only 1 of 22 abortion clinics in Pennsylvania met the safe practices standards)
  • Know the risk you may be taking in entering any abortion clinic for any kind of treatment.

Abortion clinics in recent news and public records include:

#1:  Violations in Illinois ¹

  • 4,000 women injured by botched abortions failed to have those injuries noted in detail in official reports.
  • Examples of unreported events from the June 11, 2011 Chicago Tribune article include:
  • A woman went into cardiac shock and was hospitalized for three weeks following hemorrhaging from a uterus torn in an abortion. (2002)
  • A woman had seizure symptoms and slipped into a coma following her abortion at a city clinic.
  • A teenage girl suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest and died immediately following her abortion in a northern suburb, according to court records. (2009)
  • Women said they were never informed by their (abortion) provider that the abortion was unsuccessful. Later they underwent challenging pregnancies, painful deliveries and other complications.
    • Others suffered anesthesia-related problems, hemorrhaging and infections, according to the suits, the Tribune article indicated.
    • ”Abortion business refused to discuss the abortion deaths,” the Tribune said.


#2:  Abortion Clinic closings in Pennsylvania ²

  • “In the wake of abortion scandals involving accused murderer Kermit Gosnell and unlicensed abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, Pennsylvania has passed a new abortion clinic licensing law that is set to go into effect today. The new law will require abortion clinics to submit to inspections and meet minimum safety standards. One abortion clinic, Allegheny Women’s Center, voluntary closed on June 15, 2012, rather than comply with the law. Five others will be forced to stop all surgical abortions as of today”. (June 19, 2012)²

Details from this website report: ²

    • “Abortion scandals involving accused murderer Kermit Gosnell and unlicensed abortionist Steven Chase Brigham”.²
    • The “Allegheny Women’s Center, voluntary closed on June 15, 2012, rather than comply with the law”.²
    • “Last year, two abortionists at Allegheny Women’s Center, John Barrett and Alton Lawson, were arrested for illegally prescribing drugs.” ³
    • “Out of Pennsylvania’s 22 abortion clinics, only one actually met all requirements and received a full license”.²
    • Gosnell and eight of his employees⁴ were arrested in January, 2011, and charged with numerous violations related to illegal late-term abortions. Gosnell and three of his employees were charged with murder for killing viable babies born alive during late-term abortions amid squalid conditions.


#3 Abortion clinics closing in Ohio ⁵

  • Columbus, Ohio: Capital Care Women’s Center closed in June, 2012.
  • Reasons for closure include:
  • Sex crimes to clients from an abortionist
  • Botched abortions
  • Hemorrhaging after abortions
  • Infections following abortions
  • Hematoma and excessive clotting following an abortion
  • Exposure to blood-borne pathogens to both staff and clients (The clinic failed to protect workers and patients from contamination caused by exposure to blood.)
  • “Here is an abortion clinic that is endangering the lives and health of women every day. Women do not know when they walk into that office if they are going to wind up in the hospital or worse,” said Sullenger.⁵


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