Can I have an abortion without my parents’ consent?


No…Yes…Mostly, No.


  • 35 States in the U.S. have a Parental Consent Law, and
  • 12 states have a Notification Law.
  • Each state has different ways of interpreting these laws.
  • Some states involve only one parent while others will accept involvement by family members in addition to parents.

The “YES” part:

  • A judge or “other mechanism” (appointed by the court) is allowed in all 35 Parental Consent states (except Utah), to “hear your story,” and possibly allow you to have an abortion.
  • Whether you are a minor (under 18 years of age) or not, it may seem possible to have an abortion while preventing your parents from finding out about it.

Back to the bottom-line “NO”:

  • HOWEVER, if you have ill effects from the abortion requiring medical intervention (such as an infection, perforation or hemorrhaging), no matter how well you’ve planned to avoid telling your parents you had an abortion, they would then find out.
  • This is particularly true if you are under 18 years of age and under their direct care. Young adults over 18, including many college-age students, remain dependent on their parents for health insurance, medical coverage, and financial maintenance.
  • Typically, your health insurance is provided through your parents (or custodians). Hospitals require permission from a parent or custodian in the event of a surgical intervention.

What if you have an abortion without your parents’ knowledge, and you had NO adverse events to the medications you received or to the procedure itself?

  • You’d still have the challenge of trying to disguise the days-to-weeks of cramping following your abortion.
  • How would you explain to parents and family why you are behaving the way you are? (Parents and friends are very perceptive.)
  • Finally, picture yourself trying to explain your obvious disconnect from life around you, your sadness, your lack of energy, your nightmares or any other of the many signs and symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS).
  • Although you might be able to have an abortion without directly telling your parents, it’s unrealistic thinking to believe your parents would not find out sooner or later. Making an abortion decision without your parents’ knowledge or consent that deprives them of their grandchild will cause serious relationship damage that may be difficult to repair. Legally you may be able to have an abortion without their consent, but their loss of trust will surely follow.

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